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Area Rug Cleaning Services

We offer professional area rug cleaning services that are safe for all types of rugs. Our area rug cleaning methods will remove all types of dirt from your rugs including allergens, dust mites, sand, and hair that has become trapped in the fibers of your area rug. This will restore the beauty of your rugs and prolong the life of your rugs for years to come.

As part of our complete rug cleaning services, we will:

Remove dried dirt from the front and back of the rug

Vacuum the entire rug surface

Clean and brush carpet fringes

Treat spots

Thoroughly wash the entire rug

Safely remove water and quickly dry the rug

Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning Service:

Oriental rug cleaning requires more precision and care than simple area rug cleaning. Our rug cleaning experts have experience offering rug cleaning services for even the most expensive, unique, and prized oriental rugs, and we utilize special techniques and processes in order to ensure these rugs are treated with care.

What you can Expect from Our Area Rug Cleaning Service:

After we have completed your rug cleaning service, we will return your rugs clean, refreshed, and often times looking like new. Following our area rug cleaning services, you can expect:

Your rugs to smell fresher

Your rugs to be softer to the touch

The colors in your rugs to be more vibrant

Stains to be minimized or removed completely

Dirt and debris to be removed from the front and back of the rug

Use our rug cleaning services alone or consider combining it with our other floor cleaning services in order to leave your entire home clean, fresh, and stain free.

Carpet Services

Whether your carpet is simply looking dingy from everyday wear and tear or has developed serious stains from pet urine, spills, and other major factors, Magic Wand offers the carpet cleaning and restoration services to meet your needs. We offer an affordable basic carpet cleaning service or a deep, restorative carpet cleaning service. We can even restore and clean your carpet following any pipe burst, flood, or recent water damage with our water damage restoration services. Finally, as part of our complete carpet care and carpet cleaning services, we also offer a complete range of carpet repair services as needed to restore your old carpets.

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture is one of the biggest investments in your home. However, unseen dirt, allergens, dust mites, and other debris can become trapped deep down in your furniture's upholstery. Physical dirt and stains can build up over time on the surface of your upholstery even when extreme care is taken to prevent stains. Magic Wand will take the necessary steps to ensure that your upholstery is properly cleaned.

Our upholstery cleaning services are available for all types of furniture including:

  • Fine Fabric Upholstery
  • Leather or Sued Upholstery
  • Microfiber Upholstery
  • Silk, Cotton, Wool, and Polyester Blend Upholstery
  • Antique Upholstery
  • Sofa, Chair, Recliner, Sectional, & Lazy Boy Upholstery
  • Mattresses
  • Vehicle Upholstery including RV Interiors 

Upholstery Cleaning

drapes, drapery cleaning

Drapery Cleaning

Your drapes can be meticulously cleaned in your home or at our plant. In your home, we'll use a dry cleaning solvent and then extract the solvent with dust. For a more thorough cleaning, we'll take the drapes to our plant for dry cleaning and then rehang them when we're done.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Does your tile and grout not look as clean and beautiful as it once did? Let Magic Wand clean and restore your tile, grout, and/or natural stone using our specialized equipment, cleaning solutions, restorative techniques, and professional grade sealants. 

We can clean and remove stains, mildew, mold, soap scum, and other dirty build up from all types of tile surfaces. For example, with our tile and grout cleaning services, we offer thorough cleaning for:

Shower Tile and Grout

Bathroom Floor Tile and Grout

Backsplash Tile and Grout

Kitchen Floor Tile and Grout

Kitchen & Bar Counter Tile and Grout

Basement Floor Tile and Grout

Entryway or Mudroom Floor Tile and Grout

We use a safe and non-toxic tile and grout cleaning method that will loosen dirt that is embedded in-between the tiles and in the grout. 

Our Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services

Magic Wand offers water damage restoration services to residential customers throughout Montgomery and Harris County. 

Water leaks or flooding can lead to a number of serious and costly problems. This includes causing damage to your carpet or wood flooring as well as damaging other surfaces or belongings throughout your home. Magic Wand can ensure proper water removal and clean up and prevent serious problems from developing, especially the growth of mold or mildew. We can even sanitize your carpet, tile, and other surfaces as part of the cleanup process for any sewage or contaminated water.

As part of our complete water damage restoration services, we can offer:

Water Extraction



Mold Removal

Floor Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Need our water damage restoration services? Call us at 936-321-9525